• el mes petit de tots 2010

    7th edition of the festival “El més petit de tots”

    June 2011

    The festival “El més petit de tots” (The Youngest of All) will be held from November 24 to 29 next. A selection of international shows with unique proposals designed for the very young, that is to say, children aged 1-4 years. From October next, details of the programming will be made available on the LaSala website.

  • imatge temporada 2011-2012

    The 2011-2012 season: more ambitious than ever!

    June 2011

    You may already find on our webpage the whole programming of the forthcoming season. It will include many international shows, productions and shows created in-house at LaSala. Theatre, circus, dance and music..., a whole series of innovative proposals in all genres and all stage disciplines. A unique selection with many shows that you would be hard pushed to find in any other programming.

  • FETEN 2011


    March 2011

    At the end of February, the European Fair of Theatre for Children (Feria Europea de Teatro Para Niños y Niñas, FETEN) was held in Gijón, the main showroom of works for the stage arts for children in Spain.

    Three shows in which LaSala has participated were part of the program of this twentieth edition: Pinocchio by Roseland Musical, Río de Luna by Da.Te Danza and Zing-Zing of the Roberto G. Alonso company. Pinocchio and Zing-Zing were in-house at LaSala, where they were also played for the first time. Río de Luna is a show that has been co-produced by LaSala.

    The FETEN jury awarded the Best Dance Show Award to Río de Luna, and the Costume and Characterization Award to Zing-Zing!

  • lasala en facebook


    March 2011

    LaSala has opened itself up to social networks, and since some months ago you can find us on Facebook.

    The Facebook page of LaSala is our most updated and direct news channel where you shall find the freshest news, special promotions for our shows; there, you will be able to write your comments, explain a show that you have seen and that no-one should miss, etc.

    We invite you to look for us and to follow us on Facebook in order to be more up-to-date with our publications and to be able to particpate in our activities. You shall find us at http://facebook.com/lasalasabadell